Application Template **MUST BE USED*** updated

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Application Template **MUST BE USED*** updated

Postby Jcmass » Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:10 pm

Character Name:
Battle Tag:
Armory URL ( log out in PVE gear ):
Current Realm:

Previous Raiding Experience:

Justify your talent tree and explain why you chose this spec:

Professions and why you chose them:


Geographic Location and typical ping on Stormreaver:

Post a Screen shot of test to Chicago
Post a Screen shot of test to Chicago
You can upload these images directly to the post using "Upload Attachment" or you can upload them to any img site and give us the URL.

What add-on modules do you use?

Current Computer Specs

Summary of your background and interests

Days and times typically available (please include time zone)We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 - 12:00 Server time.

World of Logs or Wowmeter links if you have. If not then post a 5 minute parse on a target dummy

Post a screen shot of your current UI ( THIS IS IMPORTANT )P.S. If you don't post a pic of your screen consider your app dead before we read it. (Also can be uploaded in this post under upload attachments or just give us a url.

If you are on standby for two hours, what will you do?

Give us one or more good reasons why you should be accepted to this guild. If you have anything else to add that wasn't covered earlier, post it here.

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